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Latest & Greatest Deck Trends

Adding an outdoor living space is a great way to enjoy your home, beyond the confines of your four interior walls. A common mistake homeowners make is never making better use of their own great outdoors.

Partner with a reputable remodeling contractor to add on a deck, and start spending as much outdoors as in. Take a moment to learn more about decking trends so that you can make good choices about your outdoor living space.

This Year’s Trends in Outdoor Decking

The deck market continues to thrive, and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Why would it?

Creating a beautiful and functional outdoor living space makes smart use of your property, all while adding value. So what are some current trends you should know about?

  • For the longest time, the more open the porch, the better. While this is great for views, it makes it less than user-friendly at the peak heat of a summer day. So, it only makes sense that shade solutions is among the top trends for decks this year, and for the foreseeable future.
  • Introducing water features has been popular with landscaping, but more savvy homeowners are making the smart choice to bring the water feature to the outside living space. It’s beautiful, adds soothing sounds, and even cools things off a bit.
  • For years, if not decades, decks were traditional, attached to the side of the house, end of story. That meant a lot of property owners were missing out on this type of porch and so non-traditional spaces are the new trend. From rooftops to freestanding and detached decks, homeowners without the ability to have a tradition porch are now claiming their right to also have on outdoor living space.

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