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Master Bath Remodel In Anchorage, AK

Gallery of the Master Bath Remodel

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Bob just completed remodeling our two bathrooms and he not only met but exceeded any expectations we had! Our bathrooms were total 1980's and definitely in need of some updating, I had no idea where to start. Bob listened to my ideas and immediately gave me some suggestions to achieve my goal. I was impressed by the way Bob explained the process and answered any questions we had regarding the project. My husband and I were amazed at his quality of work and the pride he takes in every detail. Initially we were given an estimate for the cost of the remodel and Bob was able to either come in at or below his original estimate. We are so happy with Bob that we plan on having him do many other projects when time allows!

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If you need a professional home remodeling contractor for a master bath remodel in Anchorage, please call 907-337-7439 or complete my online request form.

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